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Christmas menu


EAT-IN (Every day deals) Early Bird Meals 5-7pm 2 courses £7.95 per head

Budget Menu: £9.95 per head includes 3 courses and a free glass of wine.

1/2 price dishes Plus £1 per pint (not in conjunction with any other offer).

UK MAMA, 257 Fulwood Road, Broomhill, Sheffield, S10 3BD.

Telephone: 0114 268 7807; Email: info@ukmama.co.uk



Choice of Starters

1) Scooped exotic melon with mixed fruits
2) Garlic African Caribbean special bread
3) Akwukwo Nri (vegetable mix in strips)
Served with special dip
4) Xmas mio mio – Ground black eyed beans delicately cooked
with mushrooms, vegetables and flavourings served with light
5) Vegetable Soup with mixed herbs and African spices
6) Special Request Starter – In advance only

Main Courses

7) Jerk Chicken Nigerian – Chicken exotically seasoned and
sautéed in spices, African herbs and flavourings served with a
choice of rice & peas, jallof rice and kous-kous

8) Curried Turkey Mamaya – Strips of Turkey in a warm (medium
range) spicy sauce, casseroled with, mixed sweet peppers
(Nigerian, Caribbean style) served with plantains or sweet

9) Fish boiled Yam with sweet potatoes, plantains and king prawns
– King prawns stir-fried with finely chopped onions, celery and
mild chilli, served with stewed fish as sauce.

10) Lamb Amaka – Stewed lamb with vegetables and exotic herbs,
served with coconut fried rice.

11) Wheat Ground Rice, Fofoo Exotica – Made to resemble mashed
potatoes. Served with stewed mushrooms or choice of meat
and fish sauce.

12) Coconut Fried Rice with Peanut Sauce – Served with stir-fried
mixed peppers, mushrooms and African herbs. Very Exotic.

13) African/Caribbean Vegetarian Plain Pottage – SPECIAL,
Plantains specially smeared and stewed with beans, callalou and

14) Special Request – In advance only

Extra Side Dishes

Plantains, Kous-Kous, Jallof Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Black eyed beans, Dumplings, Yam, Salad Exotic, Okra Slices, Callalou, Hardo Bread Slices, Red Kidney Beans, Plain Rice
£1.95 for each item.


15) Alma D’ike – Traditional African/Caribbean Bread Pudding with custard, ice cream or cream garnished with exotic fruit

16) Fresh Fruit Salad

Traditional authentic Coffee Beans plus mints – A UK Mama touch.

Christmas Fayre

Lunch - £15.95
Dinner - £18.95

Buffet for any group up to 7 – Please Ask

Optional Quiz on December 31st. 1st Prize £50 Each. Please Book.
Birthday Celebration December 31st – Please Book